AuthentX is the only certified end-to-end high assurance identity management provider that offers the infrastructure necessary to authenticate, validate and authorize both logical and physical access transactions.


Founded in 1992 by accomplished engineers with a vision for strong identity authentication and management XTec was first sought out to investigate, reverse engineer and ultimately prevent viruses and Trojans in ATM's as well as other financial transactions. It was this in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of counterfeit devices and transactions that lead to the development of the AuthentX methodology. AuthentX solutions and products support all high assurance architectures by providing credential issuance, authentication & validation, physical access control and logical access control.

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AuthentX solutions and products are engineered with security at the forefront, consequently major AuthentX components are engineered to solve real-world challenges and act as appliances as opposed to other traditional hardware and software equipment. The unique design guards against unauthorized access of any kind, eliminating internal and external threats. With the ingrained security and AuthentX is the only brand of solutions and products that is practical for every day high assurance use.

Mutual & Strong Authentication

All AuthentX solutions and products practice strong authentication; that is authentication that prevents all types of fraudulent transactions. By first establishing mutual, two-way trust between devices or applications AuthentX ensures the information communicated is secured (uninterrupted) and can be challenged.

Confirmation that the generator of the request is who they claim to be is accomplished by rapid challenge response and confirmation of current status or validity. Additional authentication and validation processes are able to confirm identity via attributes such as biometrics or unique identifiers, for example. Lastly, authorization involves verification of the requestors' permissions or privileges. All of these steps are needed for true security and with AuthentX are conducted seamlessly keeping the data intact and increasing performance time.

  • Prevent counterfeit identity assertions
  • Prevent fraudulent/imitation transactions
  • Increase performance
  • Improve security posture immediately

Read more about Strong Authentication in our OMB M11-11 white paper!

Engineering & Design

AuthentX solutions and products are created by accomplished in-house engineers resulting in an end-to-end solution that is easy to manage. Many security and authentication solutions offered today are the composed of numerous products; this model is difficult to deploy, manage and maintain. More often than not integrated solutions result in significantly higher cost as a result of the complexity. XTec's engineered solutions are designed to be scalable, agile and practical. It is our philosophy that security does not and should not require long, complex implementation that is difficult to maintain and even harder to update for new emerging threats or additional requirements.

  • Scalable
  • Agile
  • Practical