Identity and Credential Management System

The only U.S. based, certified identity and credential management system with a fully incorporated accesscontrol module.

The AuthentX IDMS/CMS is an easy-to-use enterprise solution that manages identities, credentials, and permissions in a secure environment. The design of the AuthentX IDMS/CMS provides the user with a complete end-to-end solution, ensuring that the essential bond between the identity and the credential cannot be broken or replicated. The AuthentX IDMS/CMS is unlike any other identity or credential management system because it has a fully incorporated access control module.

  • GSA Certified
  • FISMA Compliant
  • Security Enhanced Linux Kernel
  • Capable of processing over 1 million transactions per day
  • Supports over 2 million identities within the federal government


The AuthentX IDMS/CMS stands out for its cloud computing capabilities and flexible implementation models. XTec can manage the maintenance and hosting of the AuthentX IDMS/CMS, supporting cloud and shared infrastructure initiatives designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Whether managed by XTec or the customer, the AuthentX IDMS/CMS offers a web-based supporting configuration with updates from a secure web portal.

Managed Service

As a managed service offering the AuthentX IDMS/CMS gives our customers an advantage with a quick set up and implementation. Full time maintenance and support for the service reduces overhead and the burden within your organizations. Our hosted solutions are housed at the Terremark facility in Miami, Florida.

The Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas is one of the most secure places any server can be hosted in the U.s. Several government agencies and private corporations host their own operations at the NAP. With a 24x7x365 manned security, floor restricted access, tracking by RFID, 9,500 tons of roof concrete ballast and designed to withstand a Category 6 hurricane it is understandable why the most secure data in the country is hosted here.

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