PIV Interoperable

Like the Government, non-Federal entities face the challenge of protecting physical buildings, electronic assets, and sensitive information. With a credential whose integrity mirrors that of Federal Government credentials, corporations and non-Federal institutions can now enjoy the same level of protection and assurance as the Federal Government's most security-centric Agencies, such as Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

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Proven Solution

Leveraging Government- and industry-based standards makes implementation easier for private entities. With PIV-I enrollment and issuance, along with a completely managed service, non-Federal entities can reap the benefits of a system that is secure enough to protect even the most high-profile Government enterprises.

The numbers of groups and industries that must protect their resources, buildings, transactions, and information is considerable. Some of XTec's PIV-I customers include:

  • Local, state, and tribal governments
  • First responders
  • Government contractors
  • Financial institutions
  • R&D companies
  • Non-Executive Branch Agencies