Identity Management with high assurance credentials

PIV, PIV-I, PIV-C, FRAC and more!

Secure your electronic data and physical resources with
robust identity management!

Identity, Credentials, Permissions

The three main facets of identity management are the identity, credentials, and permissions. With a full access control module, the AuthentX IDMS/CMS is designed to bind permissions to unique identities and credentials, maintaining all three for validation, authentication, and authorization decisions. This design is necessary for a secure identity ecosystem. Because the system prevents fraudulent identity claims, customers can be confident that the credential and associated permissions will not be compromised or altered.

As a high assurance solution, the AuthentX IDMS/CMS utilizes enrollment stations equipped with all necessary peripherals to conduct the highest level of identity vetting, from biometric checking to document validation.

Moreover, the AuthentX IDMS/CMS is equipped to issue cryptographically generated and secured credentials, thereby offering the highest level of security available.

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