Physical Access Control

GSA FIPS 201 Approved

Strong Cryptographic Authentication

Cloud, SaaS PACS

NIST & FISMA Compliant

AuthentX Physical Access Control

AuthentX physical access control products and services were engineered specifically for smart card technology. Our state-of-the-art solution utilizes the AuthentX line of card readers and the AuthentX XNode. The AuthentX IDMS/CMS and PACS have met NIST and FISMA security guidance, proving the security and integrity of the system.

  • Designed for smart cards

    • Incorporates full identifier processing and cryptographic challenge/response

  • Cloud, SaaS for over a decade

    • Requires no separate workstations

  • Support importing credentials

    • Ideal for visitors, colleagues or multi-tenant buildings

  • Facilitate secure, remote updates

    • No need to service or replace every reader for changes

  • Configure and change authentication mechanisms from web interface

  • Monitor both physical and logical access from a single web interface

Cloud Solutions

Because of the architecture of AuthentX PACS organizations can remotely update card readers with the click of a button. This capability eliminates the need — and the related expense — to service or replace each individual reader when an application is added to the PACS environment. This infrastructure also allows organizations to change authentication mechanisms from the web-based interface and to monitor transactions per building or access point.

XTec Cloud Solutions

Additional cost savings are inherent with a hosted, web-based solution like AuthentX PACS because it requires no additional standalone workstation. The entire infrastructure can be managed through a secure web interface. As a true cloud solution, the AuthentX PACS is hosted at the Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas, a Terremark facility in Miami, Florida.

With a 24x7x365 manned security, floor restricted access, tracking by RFID, 9,500 tons of roof concrete ballast and designed to withstand a Category 6 hurricane it is understandable why the most secure data in the country is hosted here.

Strong Authentication

As with any AuthentX product, the PACS system and components are engineered to perform strong cryptographic authentication for every transaction. Utilizing strong authentication allows the system to counter fraud by ensuring that all credentials are valid.

Authentication of this strength is unprecedented in today's market. Many smart card-enabled PACS are based on legacy technology and therefore incapable of reading extended identifiers, let alone performing cryptographic challenge/response. But as a premier, PIV and PIV-I certified issuer, XTec is committed to maximizing the smart card's capabilities.