Directory Provisioning

Seamless Directory Provisioning, Enterprise Digital Identity

The AuthentX AD Provisioning Agent is an affordable solution for organizations that are deploying logical access control with PIV or PIV-I credentials. It streamlines operations by automating the process of provisioning and deprovisioning credential data. The AuthentX IDMS/CMS maintains the fundamental connection between the identity and credential, thereby providing accurate data to Active Directory at a high assurance level. The implementation is flexible based on specific business cases, depending upon whether AuthentX provisions or fulfills a request for data. Common provisioning information needed for an enterprise is the User Principle Name (UPN), RFC822 field of X.509 certificates, and other identifiers and certificate information.

Flexible Implementation

The data can originate from the directory or from the AuthentX IDMS/CMS. Based on customer need and specific business cases, the AuthentX AD Provisioning Agent can provision the necessary data for domain and application login in several ways:

  • Self Service at the Desktop
  • Automated at Card Issuance
  • Administrator Initiated