Corporate Enterprise

XTec's AuthentX IDMS/CMS in conjunction with the Entrust NFI SSP is an approved PIV-Interoperable provider; issuing high assurance credentials that are trusted by the Federal Government.

Corporate Solutions

Corporate enterprises face similar challenges as the government with regard to physical building and computer security and often time's corporate entities handle sensitive information. With an equally secure credential corporations can now deploy the same security as the federal government's most security-centric agencies like the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.


An added benefit to leveraging proven security and technology is that it is interoperable with the federal government. This is particularly beneficial for corporations or private entities that work closely with federal agencies or federal applications. Many other industries are taking advantage of high assurance credentials to streamline their interactions with the federal government;

  • Local, state and tribal governments
  • First responders
  • Government contractors
  • Financial institutions
  • R&D companies